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iBRIDGES is an open, inclusive and collaborative initiative which aims to empower a worldwide high-tech entrepreneurial community, focused on those of Iranian descent, to exchange knowledge, best practices, and innovative thinking. The iBRIDGES community is committed to nurturing individuals who build and accelerate the growth of an “Innovation Economy” everywhere.

At iBRIDGES we believe that the promotion and development of entrepreneurial capacities is a key lever for all societies to elevate their social condition. Entrepreneurship opens minds and enables individuals to unleash their creative capacities. It enables them to shift their perspective from seeing themselves as mere consumers or passive members of society, to being active producers, contributors and creators of their social reality. In particular the high-tech entrepreneurial space brings with it game changing dynamics and new ways of engagement that promote diversity and equal opportunity, celebrates merit based achievement, advocates participative management as well as fosters shared ownership. All of these elements are needed to establish a “Global Innovation Economy”.



iBRIDGES connects aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, established companies, students and investors in a dynamic networking environment.

In past two years, iBRIDGE Berlin and iBRIDGE Barcelona brought together 1800 attendees from 40 countries. Over 200 speakers engaged with attendees, over 700 startups participated in the PITCH FEST, and  more than 60 startups pitched their work to potential investors.

iBRIDGE Barcelona is built for high tech entrepreneurs, by high tech entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for investors, customers, publicity, or simply mentoring, iBRIDGE Barcelona offers a unique opportunity to network and showcase your company to a global audience. iBRIDGE PITCH FEST provides you a chance to pitch your company to a jury of successful entrepreneurs and investors to compete for exciting prizes.

Some of the most globally successful companies have founders and senior management of Iranian descent (e.g. Google, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Illumina, Expedia and Dropbox).  Come and meet the next generation of disruptive high tech startups.

Are you worried that your business will be disrupted? Would you like to search for potential acquisitions or form strategic relationships to enhance your competitive edge? iBRIDGE Barcelona provides a great platform to connect with promising startups.
iBRIDGE Barcelona is the best place for students to increase the depth of their knowledge on high tech entrepreneurship and shape their future.

the biggest gathering of its kind



mostly Iranians from the US, Europe and Iran as well as foreign investors will attend the iBridges conference


for startups, it was a chance to hone their pitches and business plans

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